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Toronto To Vancouver

Most Canadians and Torontonians have considered taking on the challenge of driving the Trans-Canada Highway at some point in their life. There are several ways to reach Vancouver from Toronto, but one of the best and most popular is by road, especially if you have the luxury of time and the weather is warm out.

Wiki Car Rental has added this popular and naturally beautiful destination as a service to our list of locations. The driving distance between Vancouver and Toronto is about 4,400 kilometres and by road it will take several days. Flying is cheaper and faster, so you may wonder why people take the highway to make a 50 to 60 hour road journey?

The answer to this question lies on your reason to go to Vancouver. If you have the luxury of being able to spare several weeks, you can definitely drive and visit various sites along the way in a Wiki Car Rental SUV or minivan.

If you like to travel in a group, enjoy superb scenery at an unhurried pace and want to stop anywhere you choose to on the way, a road trip is the best way for you to travel from Toronto to Vancouver. You may catch glimpses of small towns, stop for the night at quaint countryside inns, or do some sigh seeing in Edmonton, Winnipeg and Jasper National Park.

Why Wiki?

We at Wiki Car and Truck Rentals are committed for the past 25 years, helping people living in or traveling to and from Toronto as well as Canada. We help you move freely around the country, no matter what your budget is, without giving up on car safety. We offer short term rental and long-term rentals at affordable prices with our fleet of over 400 used cars and minivans, evenly made up of small, mid-sized and large vehicles.

  • Reliable and low price
  • Affordable leisure and replacement rates
  • New, low mileage, current/late model year rental cars
  • One way rentals into and out of Toronto
  • Convenient Customer Pickup and Return Service available at some car rental locations

Wiki Rental Benefits

What Does It Cost To Rent A Car To Vancouver?

With a fleet of wide range of cars, in the best conditions, we are considerably cheap with rates as low as $ 14.99/day
Our One-Way-Rental from Toronto to Vancouver is $
We are clear in our terms and conditions with no hidden costs.

To know more about Wiki Car and Truck Rental, one of Toronto’s leading rental companies, contact us: @ 416-536-8513