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No Credit Card Car Rental

When you are thinking of renting a car, there are quite a few things that need to be kept in mind. First of course, there is always the concern that whether you will be able to get the car at your required time, but then again, once everything is in place, the question of payment still remains.

The Problem

  • Now, most car rental companies prefer that the payment be made via credit card. There are quite a few reasons for doing so and one of them being that not having a credit card means that the client might have a poor credit score.
  • And if such a client tries to rent an expensive car, they are not really comfortable with it. They might refuse it or conduct tons of background checks which inevitably leads to a long delay. However, it is also a fact that some clients just choose not to use a credit card even though they might have a good credit score.

No Problem, Now You Can Hire All Car Types From Us!

No Credit Card Required - Reserve KIA RIO

Wiki Car and Truck Rentals understand this and hence they are coming up with other modes of payment, like the client now has the option of paying through a debit card. Clients also do not want to own a credit card for fear of overspending and that is laso completely understandable. If the client can approach Wiki with some time on their hands, they can still rent a car without a credit card.

Now you don't have to worry for credit card to book for reservation, our cash deals are designed for all types for all typess of car and suvs. Get a Great Deal on Car Rentals in Toronto, GTA area and driveaway!

Here Are Some Aspects To Keep In Mind

  • If your debit card too has a Visa or MasterCard Logo, then the process will become very simple indeed
  • A credit enquiry is usually conducted by the rental company just as a precautionary measure to ensure that the client has the requisite funds. However, such enquiries also show up in the credit history and you might want to think about it whether you are comfortable with it or not.
  • Credit and insurance of the person trying to rent a car is thoroughly checked and there are ID checks conducted as well. So be sure to have some time on your hands before you think about renting a car with a debit card.
  • One thing that the client has to be prepared to do is to pay a deposit amount and it usually starts around $200 and goes up with the kind of car being rented. This amount is refunded when the car is handed safely back in.
  • Because of this very reason, the client might not be able to rent quite a few expensive cars even though they might have been available otherwise. So there is possibility that the client may lose out on the better options.

However, as opposed to other companies, Wiki Car Rental at least makes sure that you have a car in times of emergency, even though they have to take certain precautionary measures and with the choices narrowed down.

For any further question about no credit card car rental in Toronto, the client can contact us @ 416-536-8513